New amazing earrings are coming soon!


My Earrings Are Light As Feathers

Packaged With Love

Best sellers!

In my world, leopard is a colour

Who said that leopards do not change their spots??? Well mine do! My Animal Print collection has been an instant hit and there will be loads more coming so 'hold your leopards'.

Stand out from the crowd

For me zebras are just horses that are ready to party! So why not wear my stripy earrings and join them? Oh.. and remember - zebra takes its stripes wherever it goes!

Not just a bunch of cords bound at one end

As our old friend Liz T once said 'jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique'. Why not zhoosh it up a bit and go for my famous statement tassel earrings?

Choose your own finish

Customize your earrings

FYI, none of my earrings except Gilded Trilemma are finished! I give my customers a variety of options so you can wear what you really want to wear!

You can choose between:

- fish hooks (silver or gold plated; 2 cm)

- studs (silver plated or plastic, hypoallergenic)

- silver or gold plated hoops (2.5 cm)

- clip ons for the non-pierced ears