About the girl that hides behind Baked & Gilded!

Hello, I am Monika, the creator of Baked & Gilded.       
In late 2018 I was searching for a creative outlet that would satisfy my need to escape the hectic schedule of life whilst also serving a natural desire to be creative. 
My search led me to the versatility of polymer clay, whilst using the help of my kitchen appliances and a few additional extras. My focus was to be designing and making earrings that are unique, vibrant and light as feathers, each pair to be handcrafted with lots of love. 
And that is how Baked & Gilded was born. 
Since then my products have evolved with improved techniques and trendy colour schemes which ensured an unique look that cannot be found on the high street.
Baked & Gilded earrings aim to add some sparkle and a splash of colour to your life and to immediately transport you from "dressed" to "dressed up" (they can be worn around the house too!). 
Lots of love,


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